(In)finite Gardens at Delicious Spectacle

Added on by Erin Murray.

Opening this Friday November 8 from 7-10. A fantastic looking group show at Delicious Spectacle, a unique house gallery in DC. From the press release:

The work of these five artists relates to and addresses ideas of habitat, environment, the natural, notions of the sublime, and home. The concept of a garden serves as a helpful frame for viewing the diverse works collected in this show. Generally speaking, a garden is a demarcated space that is tended to and cared for, which also includes elements of the natural. An odd zone that is both artificial and natural. In this way, the work in this show can be said to look at the world, through the lens of a garden. That is say, the world is no longer considered infinite, but evenly proportioned and tended to by differing populations and forces. The artists’ lenses vary, some offer more optimistic visions of the future, others less so. [In]finite Gardens serves to raise questions about our current relationship and understanding to one of our most shared experiences and resources, the land.